WELCOME to The Word Studio. Founder Janet Benton has over 30 years of experience as a professional writer and editor and 20 as a teacher of writing. Her mission is to craft powerful communications and to give others the tools, awareness, and support to do the same.  

SERVICES  For fiction and nonfiction writers, Benton offers support and instruction through workshops and private mentoring and critiquing that enable writers to make real progress. The Word Studio also brings in exceptional writer-teachers to offer their perspectives and methods. Classes take place in Cheltenham Township, just outside Philadelphia. 

Benton also provides well-crafted writing for cultural and civic institutions that is accurate and engaging and offers editorial services aimed at strengthening clarity, accuracy, and power. She has supplied thousands of pages of writing to clients, sharpened thousands of texts, written style sheets to guide communications, and helped enrich and clarify many clients' sense of purpose.

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Showtime chose three Modern Love essays to reprint for their Masters of Sex home-page ad on the New York Times on July 11, 2014. Mine was the lead essay! They linked it neatly to the home/work balance issues faced by Virginia Johnson (of the revolutionizing sex-research team Masters and Johnson).

The brand new 2014 issue of the Green Hills Literary Lantern includes an abstract short-short story of mine, "For Objects Do Sustain." 

A Swiss newspaper with a circulation of 550,000, Tages-Anzeiger, has published an interview with me about mothering and societal support for parents. Thank you to reporter Stephanie Rebonati for allowing me to contribute to Switzerland's dialogue about parenting.

A short story is out in SWITCHBACK, the online literary magazine of the University of San Francisco's MFA Program. They've nominated it for a Pushcart Prize. It's called "Instructions for Failure."

Thanks to Alaina Mabaso for this interview with me on her blog. Here's a tidbit: "What are the stories that only you can tell? To me that’s the first step. What do you know because of what life gave you?…If you can tap into that material, and you can explore it bravely, and put it into words, you will be giving other people a gift, and it’s a gift for you, too . . ."

An essay on how Janet's mother's activism affects her own mothering appeared in the Modern Love column of the New York Times on October 6. Visit www.facebook.com/WriterJanetBenton to follow a link to the essay.