To achieve your writing aims, you must write regularly and learn how to tell a powerful story. The support of a skilled mentor whose judgment you trust can enable you to accomplish these steps, finish your manuscript, send it into the world, and guide it along its way.

As an editor, writer, and teacher with decades of experience in a wide range of publishing settings, Janet Benton mentors writers throughout the United States and abroad. She offers guidance and support that can bring your practice and output to a higher level. Whether you submit your work in sections or as a whole, as you write a first draft or revise, this work can lead you to a stronger set of skills and a more meaningful manuscript. And the deadlines, email check-ins, encouragement, and insights she provides help ease the isolation of writing. 

She is also available to guide writers through the processes of creating materials for querying agents, making wise decisions as they enter the marketplace, and launching a new book into the world effectively through a wide array of author-driven efforts. 

Go to the TESTIMONIALS page to read the words of some of the hundreds of writers she has mentored. Follow her on social media via the icons below. And learn about her debut novel LILLI DE JONG, released by Nan A. Talese/Doubleday in May 2017, at 

“Janet’s skillful guidance and feedback have in large part made possible my career as a writer.” —Pam Jenoff, author of nine published novels, including the New York Times bestseller THE ORPHAN’S TALE (2017)