“You did a dynamite job. Your work is pushing me where I need to go. The agent said it was fantastic and a fantastic revision.” Larry Kane, former KYW news anchor, news analyst, and author of three published books, including Ticket to Ride: Inside the Beatles’ 1964 Tour that Changed the World.

"Janet is a miracle worker. She's teaching me about writing and editing and cheering me on through the whole process." --Rebecca Matthias, author of Motherswork: How a Young Mother Started a Business on a Shoestring and Built It into Multi-Million Dollar Company and author of two self-published novels

 "I feel like I won the lottery! . . . Thank you for being so much in tune with my learning process and intentions." --Ann Feldman, documentary filmmaker and founder of Artistic Circles, while drafting and revising a historical novel

"I call it the Benton standard, and it has clearly worked for me." --Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling novelist

"You helped me to explore a creative side that I could never unleash on my own. You showed me how to become a risk-taker. You challenge me." --Kimberley Jones, teacher

"Janet is knowledgeable, engaging, and approachable. She pushes me to challenge myself as a writer and never settles for anything less . . . She reminds me to tell a compelling story. Her workshops have been the best learning experiences I've ever had. Janet has a special ability to draw from her students their best attributes, while encouraging them to continue improving their deficiencies." --Elvedine Wilkerson, retired school principal

"Janet is a diplomat and handles her students well--while still maintaining control, she lends an air of empathy and sensitivity." -- student evaluation, Temple Center City

"This course has been one of the best learning experiences I've ever had. Janet Benton is a superb teacher!" -- student evaluation, University of the Arts

 "Janet is a gifted editor and mentor. She asks all the necessary questions in a manner that helps me realize I know the answer. I'm confident now that I'll find a way to get the right words on the page. If you're ready to finish your project, don't miss the chance to work with her." --Mary Scherf, lawyer and published essayist (in venues including Creative Nonfiction)

 "I am back to my memoir and so appreciating you as a reader/editor/coach/teacher. On the micro level you find all these ways to clarify and cut, which I can NEVER do, and on the macro level you 'get' what I'm trying to do and show me how to do it better."  --Richard Mandel, former head of school of Miquon and Friends Select and leader in progressive education

 "With each chapter I go over (and over and over), the comments and notes I rely on most are yours. You have been the one who has made a major difference in my writing. . . . I still have a long way to go, I'm sure, but I am going. Mostly I have you to thank."  --Susan Karol Martel, psychotherapist and author of The Fourth Trimester: On Becoming a Mother

“[Janet] is a genius. She is a wonderful writer and editor. It can all be said so simply, and I just get stuck in a very thick, turgid word-web. It IS perfect now. I love it, and I love her contribution to it. The sentences as Janet configured them are nothing I could have ever come up with on my own. My mind seems so convoluted, and her way of solving it was so simple and graceful.” – Professor Gloria Orenstein

"Everyone was asking me how I got my novel finished . . . you were the magical ingredient. If my writing has improved at all, it is thanks to you." --Jane Mullooly, communications professional

"Janet Benton is a superb teacher!"


“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done to make my author happy and confident that the Press has done right by him. You’ll now become an adjective in my transmittal memos–as in, ‘This book needs a Janet Benton edit.’ I will certainly keep you in mind for potential authors who need guidance.” – Janet Francendese, Editor-in-Chief, Temple University Press

“I want to thank you personally on behalf of the Museum for your editing and writing contributions toward our 25th Anniversary Gala album. The album has been a tremendous success due in no small part to your efforts. Additionally, I appreciate your willingness to do whatever was necessary to get the album completed—and correct—under an exceedingly tight deadline.” – Jay Nachman, National Museum of American Jewish History

“It’s been a pleasure working with such a personable, efficient and talented professional. I would recommend Benton Editorial to anyone in search of great business writing. You’ve gone above and beyond, and I really appreciate your attention to detail.” – Lorrie Lindhult, New Horizons Montessori School

 "The author is pleased with your work, as well he should be. I spent quite a bit of time going over the manuscript before I sent it to him and was impressed with your thoughtful insights regarding content and the general quality of your work." Despina Gimbel, managing editor, New York University Press

 "I am deeply appreciative of the care and thoughtfulness of your editing of my manuscript, and I'm in awe of your skills. [You've improved] the book tremendously, line by line, making it easier to read, more clear and compelling."

 "I think that your copyediting is very impressive. I've published books with Oxford and Princeton, and the work you did is light years better!"

"Though it has been a bit humbling to work with someone who is at a whole different level of language and professionalism . . ., your tact and care have made it easy for me. . . . I'm going to be a better writer the next time out."

 "I am very pleased with the copyediting. It is careful, thoughtful, and intelligent."

 "You are the best #@*$ editor!"